Fjords & Mountains

Bergen BGO-Bergen International Airport is the Gateway to the Fjords and Norway’s leading tourism destination.

The fjord region is also served by Stavanger-Stavanger International Airport (SVG) and Aalesund- Aalesund International Airport (AES) both attractive port cities with great culture, history, architecture and tourism attractions. Haugesund (HAU) and Molde (MOL) Airports also serve this region. From the bustling international city of Stavanger in the south to the Atlantic Road at Kristiansund (KSU) in the north, this section of coast incorporates the iconic fjords and the historic touristic cities of Bergen and Ålesund. 

Molde is a fine little town with fantastic vistas of the Romsdal mountains, and good connections to Oslo Airport makes it a good point of entry for some of the hidden gems of the Bennett Collection. Haugesund, located right between Stavanger and Bergen, is the home of the Viking heritage, that gave Norway its name - the way to the north. This reflect the fact that sea was the way to travel along the coast in medieval times, and today Bergen is still the turn-around port of the Hurtigruten. This unique cruise line that leaves Bergen port every evening around the year, to start a six night voyage all the way along the coast to the Russian border at the Barents Sea port of Kirkenes.