Choosing from the Collection

The Bennett Collection will help you make the right choices.

From a country that has so much to offer, we will give you a unique travel experience, where you benefit from our bespoke travel itineraries. 

Following your initial enquiry, we will work to create an itinerary for you based on the core value of the Bennett Collection.

Time to Come

Norway has a wide variety of seasons, and regardless of the calendar weather can offer some surprises. But one thing which is predictable is the light. In the Northernmost populated communities on earth, variations in light is more significant here than elsewhere. The Arctic regions of Norway will give you the magic of winter light during the winter months, being the Northern Lights or the twilight bluish mid-day light. And in the summer, the midnight sun will be there, shining or not, making midnight bright as the day you are used to. Obviously, the further north you venture, the more significant these sights will be, in particular around new-year or mid-summer.

We, Bennett of Norway, know Norway, and our way. We know you can enjoy your Six Senses at any given day throughout the year. We encourage visitors who wants to beat the crowds to keep this is mind when settling the days to visit.

Time to spend - in order for us to help you make the most out of your visit, please let us know how much time you have at your disposal, included flexibility, if any.

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