The difference from the moment you step into Norway

Quality – as you step through the airport, or seaport to your destination
Scenery – like your camera has never seen before
Mountains – that give you drama, so spectacular and beautiful
Fjords – that are unique, splendid, secret and award winning
Lights – like the natural wonders of Northern Lights and Midnight Sun
Smiles – that you share with those that you are with


Crisp clear oxygen like never before

Norway's – sea, salt and unique coastal aromas 

Cuisine – from the freshest seafood ever
Rain – that releases musty fragrances from the forest leaves
Cotton – from fresh linen sheets in your exclusive hotel
Coffee – brewing at the start of your day
Clean – because purity is everything


Peace and tranquility

Nothing – when resting your brain from noise
Tranquility – from waterfalls as they gently caress the mountainside
Forests – as the gentle wind passes through the trees
Movement – from the wheels of your mountain train
Wildlife – singing and calling sweetly in your ears
Music – traditional,classical or modern


Unique nature and culture

Smooth stones – and find peace and tranquility from unique sculptures
Water – when you embrace the fjords
Mountains – then become inspired by amazing landscapes
Comfort – from truly special hotels
Snow – soft powder formed by the classic six armed stellar
Craftsmanship – with glass,wool and silver unique to Norway


Real freshness

Seafood – like you have never tasted before
Nature – from the wild berries in your morning jam
Organic – produce from Norway's finest producers
Quality – from award winning chef's
Unique – short travelled food you will only find in Norway
Beauty – from cuisine that is served delicately


Completely rejuvenated

Relaxed – following a truly amazing vacation experience
Better – from quality, inspiration, relaxation and wellness
History – with memories that will last forever
Connected – by new relationships forged in Norway
Special – because of your unique experiences
Desire – to visit Norway again

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